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11th Annual Spring Games

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2024

Place: PMA Glassell Park Dojo

2614 Arthur Street, Los Angeles, CA


A Fun Filled Day for the Family – Demonstrations! Food! Awards!

Medals for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place

Early Registration Price $50 (by February 10)/Regular Price $60


Ninja (White – Gold Ranks) Events (Age 5-7) – 4 pm

Advanced Ninja (Orange and Up) – 5:30 pm

Samurai Events (Age 8-10) – 5:30 pm

Shogun Events (11-Adult) – 7 pm


Olympic Sparring (All Students) – Students wear protective gear and practice their strikes with an opponent. Points are awarded based on technique, placement, power, balance and “kime” (finishing). Punches are awarded “jugo” (one point). Kicks to the middle are awarded “wazari” (two points). Head kicks or sweep with scoring technique “ippon” (three points). Eight points or most points in two minutes wins the match!


Olympic Kata (All Students) – Students perform their favorite kata. The students are scored for memory of the correct movements as well as demonstration of proper timing, power, balance, breathing, and focus. Students may choose from traditional katas.


Capture the Dragon Tail (All Students) – Students have a flag tucked behind their belts. The first student to pull out a flag without dropping it gets one point. Grabs and escapes are allowed. No strikes allowed. Three points win the match!

Spring Karate Games Tournament - March 9

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