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Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate for each age group, allowing our students to learn martial arts more effectively while having fun.

Ninjas 5 1/2 – 7 

Ninja age students begin to learn some of the traditional aspects of karate such as kata (forms), safe use of Okinawan Weapons (farm tools), and sparring.  Ninjas also learn more of the character development curriculum. We make time for fun games and drills too!

Samurai 8 – 11

Samurai age students are able to practice techniques for longer periods of time, allowing them to develop martial arts skills that powerful and effective. In addition to the full traditional curriculum, they begin to learn other styles that blend well with karate, such as jiu-jitsu, Aikido, and muay thai. Samurai may also qualify for advanced events such as training retreats.

Shogun 12 – Adult

The adult program teaches a blend of striking arts as well as jiu-jitsu. Many of the adult students describe significant mental benefits from their training in addition to learning effective self-defense. The adult program offers many opportunities to learn, both in class and at training retreats. Check out our blog to read one adult student’s experience!

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