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We are excited to announce that registration is now open for our 11th Annual Fall Camp – October 6 - October 8, 2023. Camp is open to all students at least 10 and gold belt and all belt levels 12 and older. Registration is limited to the first 30 students due to space limitation. Camp is at the dojo to make attendance easy for all students.


Training at camp (often known as Shochugeiko or Kangeiko) is a tradition within the Japanese martial arts that provides the student with an opportunity to reach new heights in their training. For centuries, traditional karate students (karateka) have been training in the hottest part of summer or coldest part of the winter in intensive mental and physical work over the course of three days (and in some historical cases up to 30 days). We have found that this type of training is the most effective way to forge the spirit of future black belts.


Exciting New Curriculum taught at this retreat will include the learning of rare katas, weapons jitsu, Tae Sabaki/Aikido, Hanbo Jitsu, bokken and jo, body conditioning and mental focus training.


What to Expect at Camp:

Several 1.5 hour classes across three days, focused on mastering the fundamentals of katas, weapons, sparring, and partner drills. These workouts will delve into the finer points of how to perform the moves along with the bunkai meanings.